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On Verdant:

“Morgenroth’s classical music grounding underpins his playing.  It’s full of the kind of lyrical sunshine and playful execution that are hallmarks of this very accomplished pianist.  Prepare to be moved.” 

-- Kirk Silsbee, December 2014

On Alone with Duke:

“I always look forward to playing with David Morgenroth when he is on the venue with me because he’s such an expert musician.  His latest CD is one of the most listenable and interesting CDs I’ve come across in the last several years.  David’s technique and sense of rhythm are impeccable.  It’s a real joy to hear!” 

-- Buddy DeFranco, 2006 NEA Jazz Master, November, 2009

“David Morgenroth shows his imaginative arranging sense and some first-rate piano playing on this loving tribute to The Duke.”

-- Fred Hersch, August, 2009

“Morgenroth successfully draws out the sonorous beauty of Ellington’s music in style.“

-- Review by Masayuki Okazaki of Swing Journal, December, 2009


On Radiance:

"The call to attention comes from invention and originality of sound, both of which pianist David Morgenroth possesses in abundance. The result is a steadfast sound awaiting discovery by a larger audience."

-- Review by Bill Donaldson, Marge Hofacre's Jazz News, March 1999

"Whether you care much for jazz or not, you'll likely find yourself pulled into this carefully crafted collection...There is something here for just about everybody. This album as a whole lures the listener in from one bright passage to another. Mr. Morgenroth has mastered his craft with feeling and precision."

--Review by David Crisp, The Billings Outpost, April 21, 1999

"…interesting melodic eddies and cross-currents with intelligent and deftly played

-- Review by Robert Spencer, Cadence, May 1999


On Turn Me Loose:

“The arrangements by David Morgenroth, the pianist and musical director for this album,
are…superb.  At the hands of Atwood and Morgenroth, even familiar standards are
transformed into something entirely different, fresh and exciting.”

-- Review by Yozo Iwanami of Swing Journal, November, 2009